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Our devices are distinguished by high reliability, stability, practicality and ease of use, while their use significantly increases the combat capabilities of armored weapons and equipment.

Individual approach

We can develop, upgrade or manufacture a device for monitoring and aiming any difficulty for light and heavy armored vehicles to individual order and introduce this device into mass production.

About company

Our company was founded in 2007. And during its existence it has received many state award-w REPRESENTATIONS, awards and commendations. The main activity of our company is the development, manufacture and mass production of observation and aiming devices for light and heavy armored vehicles. During the work we have achieved results that significantly affect the combat capabilities of samples of armored vehicles and equipment, where the devices of our development and production are used. Our production base is equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure a full cycle of production, research and testing.

We have our own testing laboratory equipped with a metrologically attested full range of equipment for evaluating the functioning of products under the influence of mechanical and climatic factors, including their complex effects. We employ highly skilled workers, about 50% - the engineering staff of different directions. There is an experimental design department. We do not stop for a minute, constantly continuing its development. Every year we are expanding the possibilities of production base, improve the ability to control the quality of production, improve the possibilities of research and testing, developing new technologies, refitted it and complement equipment production and technology.


In our production we use the latest technological advances in the fields of thermal and multispectral vision, optics and electronics. We do not stop at what has been achieved and constantly strive to improve our elemental components and improve the production base.

The basis of our devices is the use of the principle of own thermal radiation of bodies.

An integral part of the manufacture of the device are all theoretical calculations carried out by us (optical, electronic and electrical, algorithms, mechanical, ballistic and others). On the basis of our theoretical calculations, we develop the relevant documentation for the manufacture and manufacture of devices.

To effectively achieve our goals, we apply the most advanced, to date, achievements, like in the field of microelectronics, to process various types of data (streaming video, its analysis, processing signals from external devices and elements, managing them using various protocols, etc. ) and in related areas (precision mechanics, electric motors for "servo" drives, ultra-precise inclinometers, micromechanical gyroscopes , etc.), miniature high-resolution display devices on organically x LEDs, advanced optical materials for use in wide spectral regions (visible, near infrared, laser - medium infrared, thermal imaging - MWIR and LWIR) and much more.

We independently develop algorithms for analytics of data in video, data processing from external devices and memory for carrying out ballistic calculations in real time and much more. Based on the developed algorithms, we prepare data for direct programming of devices and elements.

We also develop stand-alone devices, devices and systems using the above technologies (not full-time upgrades).


Phones: +38 (068) 880-94-40
Address: Ukraine, 02099 Kiev, st. Boryspil 9, Building 91
Working hours: Пн-Пт, 9:00-18:00