Scientific and technical base

In production we apply the latest technological advances in the fields of thermal and multispectral vision, optics and electronics and are constantly developing the production base. The technological basis of our devices is the use of the principle of intrinsic thermal radiation of bodies.

Design of aiming products is carried out by own design bureau
The work of a software engineer during the design of devices
Our engineers design all devices using advanced CAD systems

Own technological developments

Our products combine the world's advanced achievements in physics, microelectronics, streaming video processing algorithms, mechanics and optics. We use in products precision electric motors for "tracking" drives, high-precision inclinometers, micromechanical gyroscopes, miniature displays with matrices on organic LEDs with high resolution. We use advanced electronic and optical components for a wide range (visible, near-infrared, laser - medium infrared, thermal - MWIR and LWIR) etc.
Electronic modules
Optical components

Quality control

We have our own testing laboratory, equipped with a metrologically certified full set of equipment for assessing the functioning of products under the influence of mechanical and climatic factors, including their complex action.

We expand the capabilities of the production base, improve the ability to control the quality of production, the ability to conduct research and testing, master new technologies, re-equip and supplement production with accessories and equipment.
Device for testing thermal imagers
Certified engineer supervises the testing progress


Our know-how is regularly tested not only in the laboratory, but also on landfills and serves properly in real combat conditions.
Trimen has developed and implemented its own data processing algorithms: spectral data analytics, ballistic calculators, etc. Trimen's unique software and hardware solutions have significantly increased the distance of detection and recognition of targets, increase light noise immunity and aiming accuracy.
In addition to the modernization of standard devices for orientation and aiming of a wide range of armored vehicles, we have developed and established the production of the latest systems: SPO MBT, Lazar-150U, Filin 150U. Combining innovations and own software and hardware solutions, such systems compete with the best modern world models.

Modern production

Our production base is equipped with modern equipment for the full production cycle. We are constantly improving the quality of control and production capacity, implementing innovative technologies, equipping our own laboratory and production line with the latest accessories.